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After almost two decades supporting our corporate clients with their training and educational goals, we've learned a few things about how to help you succeed in your next project.  Unlike some of our competitors, we are not aligned to a specific product vendor or certification path.  We bring together the experts, the resources, and the experience needed to find solutions that meets your project goals.

TrainingCity lives corporate education.  It is more than a business to us, it is our passion, our calling in life.  Get us on your side and together we can build a better future for you and your customers.

Building your Success - Together

We've worked on customized training solutions with hundreds of corporate managers, directors and executives over the years.  

They all share one thing in common.. They placed their trust in TrainingCity's team of educational consultants, instructional designers, and training experts.  We know how difficult it is to choose a partner for your educational needs.  Unlike other professional services that you may outsource to consulting companies, accounting firms, or product vendor support teams, training is the one part of every project that can go so far off the rails in no time flat.   When you hire TrainingCity for your instructional design and delivery services, you not only get world class experts, you get people who know how important it is for every educational event , every detail of every class, webinar, workshop, and "brown-bag" talk, to go off without a hitch.

Business Education First, Technology First - Solutions Always

TrainingCity is vendor independent.  We recommend the right solutions for you, period.  

Maybe it's an open source based technical solution like a Moodle LMS, or Drupal CMS. Perhaps what you need is an amazing video conferencing platform from a great company like Polycom or a Smartboard from Smart Technologies.  Or maybe in your case, it's "none of the above".  We find solutions that help achieve your goals, first, and always. Partner with TrainingCity today, we can, and we will, ensure your success.

Educational Goals Alignment

Rolling out a new product or service is the most stressful stage in every manager's career.  We can share the load.  Bring in TrainingCity to assist your team implementing our proven "EAP- Educational Alignment Process"©

Skills Gap Analysis

You can't fix what you don't know is broken!  In many organizations, the challenge is not the "C Suite" commitment to training, it's figuring out what to teach.  Millions, probably Billions are wasted every year in teaching the wrong skills to the wrong staff and the wrong time.  We've seen it all, and we know how to implement effective processes to identify and define the skills and knowledge your team will need, not what it "did" need.

We Train, You Win

We know LMS from CMS, we know how to "Train the Trainer",  and we know how to align corporate training with product releases, business transformations, and business acquisitions.  You are not alone, you can call on us to assist, support, or entirely manage your training responsibilities.

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